In 2020 the STB Big Band celebrats its 30th anniversary. 30 years of Jazz ´n fun in Sindelfingen.
The sections of the STB Big Band


Magnus Mehl


Alexander Förschner
Steffen Leopold
Oliver Guhl
Anja Merz
Bernd Gentner
Roman Ording


Christian Klemme
Johannes Kneer
Philipp Pollauf
Karl Mutschler
Joachim Vogel
Sven Fisch
Thomas Neugebauer
Patrick Sturm


Ralf Püpcke
Claus Regelmann
Sven Reisch
Gunter Maag
Dietmar Lang


Pearl Bretter

+ Gäste

The Band

The STB Big Band, founded 1990 in Sindelfingen, has had a varied and pretty unusual history. The band's many appearances around the Stuttgart area and at the yearly concert have almost become a well-loved routine. Nevertheless, the STB Big Band has tried time after time to stretch their slogan of "Jazz 'n' Fun" far beyond the boundaries of their Swabian home and to play their music with joyful enthusiasm.

As a result, the band went on several short and longer tours around Germany (including the concert at Europa Park in Rust or framing twice the Frankfurt University Ball) as well as in various neighbouring European countries. In particular, it is worth mentioning the band‘s performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1996, 1997 and 2000, and the concert in Euro Disney in Paris. The band even dared to cross "over the pond" during their two-week tour through Uruguay at the turn of 1995/1996. This was a trip that will stay in the hearts and minds of all the musicians concerned. The band even appeared on television and played an "unplugged" session following a power shortage, and was struck by the openness and enthusiasm of the Uruguayan people.

Such varied and interesting appearances are the source of new motivation and inspiration for the STB Big Band. This ensures that the band, made up almost entirely of young and young at heart amateur musicians, guarantees concert evenings full of atmosphere and cheers, even after almost 28 years. True to their slogan "Jazz 'n' fun," the STB Big Band’s varied concert program has something for (just about) everybody's taste.

Whether they play big band standards from Count Basie or Duke Ellington; "grooves" from rock, pop, soul and blues; or modern and demanding big band literature from Peter Herbolzheimer, Maria Schneider, Bob Mintzer or Bill Holman, the STB Big Band's varied musical menu can be adapted to meet (almost) every requirement or environment - be it the Frankfurt University ball, the Montreux Jazz Festival or the Jazzclub BIX. Of course, the vocalists play an important role in the band, and provide the musical "cream on the cake". As well as the numerous concerts and appearances, the STB Big Band has always wanted and aimed to expand its musical horizons using workshops with internationally experienced and recognised jazz musicians and teachers. In the last few years, the STB Big Band has worked with Alexander Bühl, Joo Kraus, Paul Ferguson, Uli Gutscher, Stefan Zimmermann, Frank Sikora, Ed Partyka, Rainer Tempel and Martin Schrack, Frank Kroll, Andy Haderer, Karl Farrent, Peter Lehel, Thomas Siffling, Ralph Abelein, Nils Wuelker, Kai Podack, Monika Roscher, Dizzy Krisch, Tobias Becker, Klaus Graf and Magnus Mehl to name a few.

Above all, the STB Big Band musicians would like to maintain their passion for playing to maintain their slogan
"Jazz 'n fun" for everyone!

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